Top 3 Reasons You Need Logo Variations

When creating logo designs for our clients, we always take into consideration it’s applications across various mediums and materials. It is important that a logo design can stand out across various uses.

We always provide our clients with various version of their logo so they are always able to use it how and when they require it. Here are 3 main reasons you’ll need variations of your logos.

  • Branded Materials - When ordering branded materials you may only be able to print in one colour, or you may want to emboss your logo.  It’s therefore important that your logo works in black and white.
  • Placement on Photos/Background Colour - When placing your logo on top of images and colours, to ensure your logo is legible and the colours don’t clash you may need to use a all white or reverse colour version of your logo.
  • Social Media - If you’re active on social media a square or simplified version of your logo will be important to have for profile images or other applications where size and space is a constraint. Depending on the design of your logo a horizontal version of your logo may also be required for wide dimension applications such as facebook cover images.  A stacked or vertical version can also be useful for instagram posts/stories. 

As part of the deliverables for logo design projects, we always provide multiple versions and formats of a single logo design to our clients. The most common formats include:

Logo Variations2.jpg

Though you will have a primary version of the logo you use most, it will be helpful to have the following versions of your logo for certain applications:

  • Black and White (Single Colour)
  • Horizontal Version
  • Vertical Version
  • Simplified / Icon version

In addition to the formatting variations, logo files are also provided in various formats for print (vector AI or EPS) and digital uses (PNG, jpeg, high and low resolution).

How many  variations of your logos do you have? Which ones might you be missing? If you are missing some of these, it could be something to consider. 


Amie Chaotakoongite