Our Services

Our services encompass print design, layouts, visual identity, presentations, and designs for digital mediums. 


Visual Identity

Building a brand experience that defines you and leaves a lasting impression.

Avenir Creative connects businesses with their audience through meaningful visual design. We deliver a foundation of design materials, including logos, colour palette and typography selections to establish consistency and continuity in your visual identity as you grow.

The Avenir process involves understanding your business objectives, what you stand for, and why you exist. Your visual identity becomes your brand, and your brand is the collection of perceptions customers hold about you. We believe management of these perceptions can be achieved through a well-executed, distinguishable brand identity.

Visual Identity services include:

  • Wordmark

  • Icons & logos

  • Colour palette selection

  • Typography selection

  • Graphic elements unique to your company

  • A foundation for all business design materials

Design Marketing

Authentic marketing design for a discernible you.

At Avenir Creative, we begin by educating ourselves and understanding your target audience and how they perceive information.  We focus on not only creating appealing aesthetics in our design, but solutions that communicate function and facilitate easy access to important information.

Avenir works with small-to medium-size businesses to develop brand identity and marketing materials, including website, infographics, and high quality tactile experiences that help you and your business or organization reach desired goals.

Design Marketing services include:

  • Print materials

  • Websites

  • Photography Sourcing and Coordination

  • Presentations

  • Branded templates

  • Custom infographics

Proposal and Digital Presentation

Communicate capability and credibility through design.

The aim of any proposal or presentation is to make an impact and win the work. And, like you, we rely on making deadline.

At Avenir, we understand RFP timelines, as well as the need for quality work with quick turnaround in marketing, grant and funding applications, evaluation and reporting. We help clients tap into the power of visual design and graphic communication to achieve buy-in and communicate capability and credibility.  

Proposal and Digital Presentation services include:

  • Presentations

  • Proposals

  • Branded digital documents

  • B2B communication

  • Organizational support and documentation


Translate complex concepts into memorable, meaningful visual communication.

The objective of an infograph is to translate information or data and create a graphic that is easily understandable, compelling and shareable.  To achieve this, we focus on creating infographs that speak to your target audience.  We help clients evaluate their content and determine the appropriate length, flow and style that will work best for the information they are trying communicate.

Infographic design services include:

  • Analysis and organization of information

  • Custom icons

  • Data visualization

We look forward to helping you move your organization’s business goals forward.

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