Happy New Year


2017 marked a year of new experiences that exposed us to great projects and allowed us to build strong relationships with existing clients and other local businesses.

With the new growth and experiences we gained, we realized it was time evaluate ourselves and make changes that would bring us closer to where we wanted to be with our business. 

One of these changes includes an update to our website. We also realize it’s time to give people the chance to know the more personal side of who the business owners behind Avenir Creative are.

As part of the website update, we decided to work with a professional photographer to capture who we are and what we do. As neither one of us are used to being in front of a camera, our photographer, Dianna of Dianna Man Photography was great at guiding us on how to pose and making us comfortable with being photographed. 


She also advised us on the type of props to bring that could be added to the frame, which though subtle, would help tell the story of who we are.

Being a fan of hand-crafted desserts, designed with attention and care, I wanted to include chocolates created by Colleen Heidecker as part the prop. Colleen created custom chocolates that added just the right splash of colour to our photos (they were also a great treat in between shoots).


We also wanted to make sure the tone and messaging of our website accurately reflected who we are. To achieve this we worked with Carmen of Writing on the Wall on our website copy. She had a systemized approach, asking the right (and tough) questions that got us to learn more about ourselves and reveal aspects of ourselves we hadn’t thought about in a while.


As a small business owner, it’s often hard to put aside client project and dedicate time to working on your business. The website update has been long time coming, but it’s one of the steps we are taking to dedicating more time to our business. We are working on putting the final touches to our new website, and look forward to showcasing some recent projects we have been working on.  More importantly, we want the website itself to be a showcase of the various local talent we have worked with to create it. Edmonton is a great city for entrepreneurs, and the relationships we have built this year truly affirm that.