Top 5 Reasons you need a Graphic Designer


As founders of Avenir Creative, we have had the opportunity to meet many entrepreneurs and fellow business owners over the past 4 years. We are often asked “What do you design?” and “Do you make things look pretty?” In listening to the challenges other business owners face, we have recognized the many ways in which graphic designers are a business solution.

Here are five reasons to work with a graphic designer.

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1. Save Time

This seems obvious, but time is a good reason to have a graphic designer.  Aside from figuring out HOW to design, you save time figuring out how to make your visual content purposeful—that is, organized in a way to best communicate your brand and key messages.

You also save time on the technical components, such as meeting print specifications, requesting quotes from print vendors, finding the perfect solution for your print needs, or ensuring your graphic artwork fits the perfect digital dimensions. All these factors need attention, careful consideration and TIME—and as they say, time is money. Your time is money. By delegating design-related work, you can save time by focusing on what you do best.

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2.  Add Value

In addition to making your graphic materials stand out, a designer adds value to your business in the following ways:

  • We focus on your objectives. Often personal preferences will influence your design decisions, but we are here to be objective and keep you focused on appealing to your target audience and staying focused on the purpose and goals of your project.
  • Establish consistency and cohesiveness. We value the importance of following visual identity guidelines when creating new materials. This keeps your company’s visual assets in-line with your brand making it recognizable, memorable and professional.
  • Printing and production. With so many print options available, we can advise you on the most cost effective ways of designing your materials, how to source quotes and coordinate with print vendors to keep the print and production costs within your budget.
  • Technical Skills. We create using graphic design software that requires a license and fee. Designing artwork without industry software does not optimize your visual appeal and often times leads to challenges with quality and printing.
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3.   Get Noticed

Did you know we only get three seconds, or less, to get someone’s attention? That positive, professional first impression is imperative to building a successful business. The little details matter most when it comes to presenting your newsletters, flyers, reports, invoices, brochures and business cards. From eye-catching graphics to high quality printed materials, what you put out there is often the first thing your audience will see before meeting you. A graphic designer helps you articulate:  

  • What do you want them to feel?
  • How do you want to be perceived?
  • What does it say about the quality and professionalism of your business?
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4.  Do It Right the First Time

We often meet clients who have taken on their own graphic design and then come to us with their challenges (it doesn’t look professional, doesn’t match their other visuals, unhappy with the printed quality and design) and are looking for a redesign. Finding a graphic designer with high expectations when it comes to quality in both printed materials and digital artwork is key. At Avenir, we ensure all files are created to print specifications and that all digital artwork is high quality. Don’t forget the quality you present to your audience will influence how potential clients perceive you and your business.

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5.  Speak to your audience effectively and meet objectives

Before we design anything, it is important we understand your target audience and goals. To do this, we ask a lot of questions gain a strong understanding of your industry, competitors, product or service before we create design concepts. We also provide ongoing design support.



Connecting with a graphic designer can improve your visual communication so they support business objectives and align with strategy. At Avenir Creative, we aim to:

  • Be creative in making your design collateral functional and memorable.
  • Create solutions that best fit your budget, while never sacrificing quality.
  • Make you look professional, even when you aren’t around to introduce yourself.


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